Regulations and Guidelines

  1. Parents please arrange for your child’s transportation to and from practices and games.  Coaches will not be responsible for players’ transport.  Parents should depend on each other for this.
  1. At no time will a player be late or miss a scheduled practice or game without directly talking with their coach.  If, for any reason a player cannot make practice or a game, they must notify their coach.  He may be counting on you.
  1. Players will report all injuries to their coach immediately. We cannot always know when you are hurt.
  1. Players may never leave the field without permission. Remain on the bench and not in the bleachers.  No back talk or excuses.
  1. Attitudes:
    1. All remarks to your teammates will be positive.  No one is perfect.  We all make mistakes.
    2. You are here to learn. Expect criticism; it is your best teacher.
    3. The way you practice is the way you will play. Always hustle.  No one ever walked onto the field and became an instant star.
    4. Be competitive. Never say “I can’t”, always say “I’ll try”. Successful people never give up.
    5. During games players will remain on bench with teammates, we prefer no food on bench.
    6. Ask your coach any questions you have about your playing status, but do so privately.
    7. All players will act as mature, young adults and be a credit to themselves, their parents and St. Joe Catholic Club.
  1. We are here to instruct. Teaching does not stop when the games start, the ball field is our classroom. Our focus is that the girls have fun and learn to play the game the right way.
  2. Equipment:
    1. All players are responsible for washing and caring for their own uniforms. Please follow washing instructions carefully.
    2. All players are expected to treat the teams’ equipment as if it was their own. Please take care of it.
  3.  The Parental Permission and Consent to Treat Form, absolutely must be returned to the coach by the first practice in order for player to participate.