Technology Acceptable Use Policy

St. Joseph Catholic Club

Technology Acceptable Use Policy

This policy is intended to provide players and parents with knowledge of the parameters for acceptable and legal use of personal devices such as WiFi capable mobile devices, including but not limited to, computers, smart phones, iPads, etc.

Christian morality obliges each person to use all things in ways that are good and meaningful, and use them correctly and wisely.

Players, parents and coaches in our program are representatives of St. Joseph Catholic Club and are expected to exercise good judgement, common sense and good taste in using these devices.

It is the responsibility of each participant and their parent/guardian to monitor their use of the internet.

St. Joseph Catholic Club requires that each participant abide by all applicable State and local laws pertaining to harassment, bullying and stalking. Posting anything derogatory that can be interpreted as targeting  or being insulting to umpires, opposing team players, coaches, or fans with words,” including background music”, actions, gestures, etc, is strictly prohibited.

St. Joseph Catholic Club has the right to monitor the online accounts of participants on social media networks such as, but not limited to, Instagram, TikTok, SnapChat, Facebook, etc.

As a Catholic institution, St. Joseph Catholic Club has a Zero Tolerance Policy with regard to violations of this policy and any determination by St. Joseph Catholic Club shall be final and conclusive.

Consequences for inappropriate use will include immediate expulsion from our program. There will be no reimbursement of monies collected.

I, ________________ and I, _____________________have read and

(Player)                                (Parent/guardian)

agree to comply with St. Joseph Catholic Club Technology Use Policy.