10-Week Club – How does it work



Ten weeks ago the St. Joe Club put up for sale 299 tickets numbered 1-299. All tickets sold are put into a drum with one number pulled out each week.  The winner of the weekly drawings receives $30.  This process is repeated each week for ten weeks.

A bonus prize of $100 is awarded to the first week winner, if that number is paid in full, along with a $50 prize for the fifth week winner providing that ticket is paid in full.

At the end of ten weeks, all numbers are placed on a board located in the front of the room up on the stage, for verification that all numbers are present and accounted for. The numbers are then deposited into a sealed envelope and then placed in the drum at the head table.

The sealed envelope, with the number enclosed, will be drawn from the drum, one at a time to indicate what number will be eliminated from the grand prize.  The first number and every 25th number drawn, will have the option to receive a consolation prize of $30 or re-entry into the drum for another chance at the grand prize.

After all but 9 numbers have been drawn, a raffle will take place to win ticket # 300, which was held from previous sale.  The winner of this ticket, along with the others holding the remaining 9 tickets, will be invited up to the head table and will vote to determine if they would like to split the grand prize or if they want to eliminate another number.  This process continues until there is a unanimous decision to stop the process and divide up the grand prize.  The fewer the numbers, the larger the winnings.

A consolation prize of $50 is awarded to each of the contestants, who are at the head table, that are eliminated from the grand prize.